Types Of Trampolines And Why They Make Good Investments


A trampoline is an investment. This is attributed to the many benefits that come with owning and playing on one. Initially, trampolines were considered to be playing units for the kids. This has since changed as adults too have realized the benefits of using these units. There are many advantages accrued to playing on trampolines. Before looking at the benefits, here are some of the main types of trampolines.

Types of trampolines

Based on the shape

Round trampolinesaSdDASS

Considering the shape of these units, you can go for the round, square or rectangular trampolines. Round trampolines are highly preferred for outdoor use. These trampolines also tend to provide a more controlled bounce since its springs are more controlled at the center. This property is what gives large round the ability to support more than one bouncer.

Square trampolines

Unlike round trampolines, square trampolines have a larger surface area compared to round trampolines of the same diameter. Moreover, this shape is preferred by buyers looking for commercial trampolines due to its high surface area.


Gymnasts mainly use rectangular trampolines. However, if you are buying one for gymnastics, it is advisable to go for large units that will provide you with the needed surface area. The other good thing about these trampolines is that they tend to give a great bounce, which is what any gymnast would want.

Depending on the area of use

Mini trampolines

These are small sized trampolines. The fact that they tend to be quite small makes them perfect for domestic use. Moreover, they can also be used indoors. Another good thing about mini trampolines is that you can also carry them with you, as they are not very bulky.

asdasasDGarden trampolines

Garden trampolines are trampolines found in larger gardens. They mostly have a round shape, to make it easy to enclose them using a net for safety reasons.

Benefits of trampolines

Trampolines are beneficial in many ways. They offer a unique way of working out as they help in detoxification, reducing blood pressures, stimulating the lymphatic systems along with other benefits. Moreover, rebounding on these units also strengthens the body, and keeps the body toned well. With these health benefits, adults too can have fun with these units provided they have a trampoline that can support heavy weights.